About Us

 Rajdarbar Group


Rajdarbar Realty (arm of Rajdarbar Group)is a leading real estate company with commercial and residential projects. The Group is a diversified conglomerate with business interests in Real Estate, Finance, Trading and IT Service Sector. Rajdarbar group is now venturing into Dairy business with their pioneering experience after gaining trust built on centuries of tradition. Today consumers want healthier and responsibly produced food and drinks for the wellbeing of every Indian.

RAJDARBAR Group provides “milk influencers” and the people concerned with dairy farming and business with the information, which leads to the solution to common challenges of the dairy farming and business and to the value improvement of milk and dairy products.

It is indispensable that the people concerned constituting a milk supply chain maintain their reciprocal and stable relationship.

Our milk and Ghee give you the fuel you need to live life to its fullest, packed with essential nutrients and vitamins to keep you healthy. Just three servings a day of low-fat or fat-free dairy is an easy, inexpensive way to nourish your body and live fresh, well-fueled and full of life.

Holstein Friesian Breed Single Breed Cow’s Milk Untouched by Human Hands No Harmful Preservatives & Chemicals Unadulterated

The cow milk is being touted to be healthy, unadulterated and chemical free, sourced from superior quality Holstein Friesian cows. Once sourced, this high-grade farm fresh cow’s milk with 3.2% fat & 8.3% SNF will go through multiple levels of screening and quality checks before being stored in the advanced chilling plants to ensure its nutritional value is maintained.

Our Vision


Rajasthan is a renowned belt producing dairy products, we being Rajdarbar believes in carrying legacy forward. Our aim to be the most admired and trusted provider of wholesome, great-tasting dairy products at every occasion. Freshness is key to our success.

Our Mission


In order to the dairy farming and business of our country to contribute to the health of the nation and their rich eating habits through the stable supply of domestic milk and milk products and to build a strong trusting relationship with the public.

Rajdarbar is passionate about the purity of your milk, which is why every  product is held to our exclusive Five and Point Purity Promise work force and keeping pace with new technology in the milk making field.

 Rajdarbar 5-Point Purity Promise


The 5-Point Purity Promise is what keeps our milk so fresh and delicious from farm to fridge, and why Rajdarbar is a name you can trust.


No Artificial Growth Hormones*


All milk is tested for antibiotics


Continually quality tested to ensure purity


From cows fed a healthy diet


Cold shipped fresh from your local dairy