We Transform Unadulterated Culture of Milk into Purity

100% natural and organic

Trusted premium Hygienic and nutritious products

Finest and advance technology for processing fresh milk.

No Added Preservatives

Homogenised & Pasteurised packaged farm fresh milk

Good for healthy bones, skin & eyes & best in Quality

Low Bacterial Count

Contains more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals

Rich Organic Fodder for the cows & Untouched from Human Hands




 Start your day with 100% organic milk from our organic farm we are in vision to provide all the nutrients which are essentials for maintaining strong and healthy bones and muscles. Our milk is full of vitamins calcium, protein, phosphorus our cows get wholesome organic grasses to eat every day, with our specially grown high-quality fodder. We take care of cow on top priority to keep them happy and healthy. treating cow with love and respect is part of our heritage. Our cows are vaccinated, regularly bathed, live in well-ventilated sheds and graze in open green fields.farm is managed by expert with the best fodder given to cow we ensure milk is full of nutrients and completely free from hormones and pesticides. Contains Immense Anti-Oxidants and other minerals which energizes memory, digestion, good skin & eyes. It also increases the immune system.

Purity of Rajdarbar Milk – Initiative Towards Healthy India


Nutrition of Butter Milk Buttermilk is low on fats and calories. Being a good source of calcium and vitamins, it can include in the diet on a regular basis. Along with calcium, buttermilk is also high on proteins and the major part of energy comes from the carbohydrates present in it. Buttermilk contains good bacteria called The Lactic acid bacteria which helps in improving the immunity of the body.

Pure Ghee!

Ghee is an unrefined (clarified) butter historical records of which date back several thousand years. As a culinary gold, it is indispensable in a variety of traditional cuisines and its universal use and numerous healing effects have already been known. Ghee is excellent for baking and frying and at the same time also deepens and expands the flavour of prepared dishes.

Cow Milk

The cow milk is being touted to be healthy, unadulterated and chemical free, sourced from superior quality Holstein Friesian cows. Once sourced, this high-grade farm fresh cow’s milk with 3.2% fat & 8.3% SNF will go through multiple levels of screening and quality checks before being stored in the advanced chilling plants to ensure its nutritional value is maintained.